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Shabbat Shalom!

The Sabbath is such an important day to observe in Judaism.  

There is a submission there that I don’t see anywhere else that tells me we have a Creator that is a higher authority that is revered, remembered, and respected.  In Christianity, the beauty of the Sabbath seems to be misunderstood. The Sabbath is for man (Mark 2:27) to do as he pleases, which in my opinion, takes God for granted.

In many ways, the point seems missed about just why God gave this day for man.  

Trusting history and not religion, I wanted to understand the physical Jesus that walked the Earth 2000 years ago.  A light bulb finally went off when I realized that Jesus would have been observing the Jewish Holy Days.  Since Christianity isn’t Jewish and most Christians don’t know what is Jewish, I didn’t know much about the Holy Days and I didn’t even think they were important to recognize. I decided to check things out for myself and the only way I could truly know about them was to go to the Jews.

A prayer remained with God and me for a number of years pleading with Him over and over to show me what the Sabbath Day means and how do I keep that day holy??

God commands us to “keep the Sabbath Day holy” but what on earth does that mean???

God loves to be an example as He takes His chosen Israelites to make them an example of Him to show the rest of the world what is good and right. We are an example of Him!

The Sabbath reveals reflection: A completed creation, perfected, revealed on that last day, God’s very own resting day, and after all that work was done, our Creator rested.  This example is important to God since He desires to be revealed.

For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.  

1 Corinthians 13:12

As we grow from being a child being told (the law) we mature and are older now and understand (the love).

It took seven days to create God’s perfect world. Mans world may not seem so perfect, but as we are being perfected to know God, so is God’s world!

There is a first day and there is a last.  The last day is the Sabbath Day where we stop everything to have a rest and enjoy our time with God and one another from all our hard work from all the other days. It is a day that can unite all of us!

The Sabbath Day comes after the end of the sixth day. History can be compared to days spread over time. History is a series of events that we all have endured to bring us to an understanding of who God is. We are waiting for that seventh day when we finally can rest with God and each other as One.

The final Sabbath Day after the six days of man is a constant Sabbath Day rest with God.

There is a time of One. Oneness is holiness and is constant. The Sabbath Day is a reflection of this time of One — It is love complete where time does not exist.

For now, when we question “Why God?” we can enjoy our earthly Sabbath Day knowing we are still children with learning to do, but we understand that God’s promise is near…

A day/night cycle in orbit is 90 minutes long,
which means that a week lasts a mere ten and a half hours from start to finish!
The Sabbath will also be constant here on Earth!

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