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The Male and Female Soul

God created a man and a woman to be in the image of God. God is neither male or female because God is whole; however, God can be seen in the identity of a man and a woman. God is love and over the course of a lifetime, a man and woman can discover love when they overcome all of life’s challenges yet still remain in love despite all of the hardships they endured together. At the end of their days, they know love and they become one as God is One.

A soul is a whole, so a soul would have to be both male and female as God is whole. A man and a woman have their own individual souls. As a man and woman learn about each other they are also learning about their soul within themselves.

The relationship begins, firstly, between man and God. We discover our true identities with God by trusting and believing in Him. Our dominant soul can be either male or female as our bodies are either male or female. Because God is revealed in duality, God reveals Himself through the love of a male and female relationship. God also works in layers to give us deep understanding of who we are. Even our individual soul has to be whole, both male and female, since God is whole, complete, the man and woman image (Genesis 1:27).

The Word of God reveals God in duality, reflection, and in images. God is whole and in the image of God, a man and a woman were created. If we are individually trying to understand who God is, we are trying to identify with a whole God who is both male and female complete; therefore, since we are made in the image of God, we must all individually have male and female souls.

I found this post from a reputable Jewish source: Male and Female Souls

The angel said, “Sarah will have a son,” and not, “Abraham will have a son.” From this, Sarah understood that her son would have a feminine soul… According to the Zohar, initially Isaac wasn’t capable of getting married or having children. But, at the time that Abraham offered him in sacrifice on Mt. Moriah, his soul – the soul from the “feminine world” – fled his body, and G‑d replaced it with a soul from the “masculine world.”

In exploring this concept, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, the recent Lubavitcher Rebbe, explains that the way of a soul from the “masculine side” is to transform the world by being pro-active and outgoing, while the path of the soul from the “feminine side” is to accept the world as it is, trying to live properly according to Torah, but without trying to influence the world. Both men and women can equally apply themselves to the task of spiritual illumination of the world, each in their own way. What constitutes the difference then is not gender, but the extent to which each individual man or woman is willing to approach the task of elevation and purification of the universe.”

Female and Male Souls — Chabad.org

In trying to discover our true-selves with God we are also identifying with our complete soul that understands both the feminine and masculine combined. We need to understand our complete soul to understand who we are supposed to be as God made us.

When we are One with God, we are just One soul and no longer separate because we know ourselves complete:

For in union with the Messiah, you are all children of God through this trusting faithfulness; because as many of you as were immersed into the Messiah have clothed yourselves with the Messiah, in whom there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor freeman, neither male nor female; for in union with the Messiah Yeshua, you are all one. Also, if you belong to the Messiah, you are seed of Abraham and heirs according to the promise.”

Galatians 3:26-29

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