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We Are One, but is Religion Biased?

Religion is a particular system of faith and worship. It is particular to it’s system of faith; therefore, it is biased. Religion teaches only about what religion that it knows and understands. Religion does not consider how other religions believe in God and may or may not consider that other religions have equal insight on who God is.

If we are all seeking God, a supremely good being outside of ourselves, are we not all doing what God wants us to do from wherever it is that we came from? If we are all born into darkness, is there one here on Earth who has all of the right answers? Is religion not its own individual identity just as we are all individuals having our own individual unique perspectives?

Does God not love all of us equally the same as we are all created in His image, each of us having a unique piece of the puzzle?

How is it then that religion divides us? Without changing one’s religion, which we are all perfectly welcomed to having, how is it that we can learn to respect one’s personal choice of religion, while also discovering what can be learned from the way other religions believe so that we can all be one?

In this day and time, the best answer that I can come up with is that we have our history. We have a history of all our right and wrongs in all religions and all things that have made-up mankind. We have new religions and old ones. We have history, which is fact and well documented with all our books and historical sites that we cannot lie about. We can learn the truth because Truth is here, on Earth, ready to be accepted for how it just is.

There is nothing hiding anymore.

What is good and what is evil is in our history. Not one is better than the other and now, finally, we can accept that about ourselves.

Religion cannot hide Truth because everything is in the Light.

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