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A Brother is What a Best Friend Can Never Be

I am the oldest of my two sisters and, as you know, life is always just a little bit harder on the eldest child. There is more responsibility to watch over the younger and to be a good influence with more strict rules expected from the oldest child. It is almost unfair that the younger sibling seems to get away with everything.

God is our Father. As a Father, He revealed Himself first to a group of people. He spoke to the Israelite’s at Mount Sinai and told them who He was and what they had to do to be His people (a son) and if they were not obedient to God’s Word… in a blink of an eye, He could easily turn them into a pillar of salt — Woe!

Yeah, that’s life for the oldest. The littlest thing I did wrong, I was practically crucified for it and then later when my siblings did the same thing, they only got a slap on the wrist for it!

God, our Father, reveals two different sides of Himself to the world. He reveals to His eldest, the Jews, His tough side. He gives them a great responsibility to be a good influence of Himself to the world. For that, the consequence of not being obedient to Him was great.

The Gentiles are second, as they are newer to knowing God. They are the younger of the two siblings. They understand God, our Father, from a more gentler perspective. We have come to know how forgiving God is. To us, God reveals His forgiving side, like a Mother.

As I can identify with my own experience with my Earthly parents and siblings, I realize that both the younger and older child is loved equally the same. I realize we both have a unique responsibility to the world since we both understand God the Father from different perspectives.


Photo by Daniel Jurin from Pexels

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