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Peace is not Everyone Thinking the Same

When we play nicely with one another, a beautiful melody can be heard. We each have a unique instrument to be played. Our instrument is ourselves. When we understand our selves in our most Truest way of being, we have perfected how to play the instrument that God has given us. When we understand ourselves, our unique instrument, we can understand how other instruments can complement our own to inspire music like none that has ever been played before.

Peace is not homogeneity. Peace does not mean that everyone thinks the same way. Peace is when there is diversity that finds a higher Oneness.

Tzvi Freeman

We are Musicians of High Caliber

As a great symphony, we can understand that we are not complete without the violinist, the cellist or pianist; a great symphony is not great because we are all pianists. Instead, because we come together in our diversity, a higher Oneness can be realized.

The timing is so important too. We understand when it is our place to play our instrument to achieve harmony as we are all directed by the same sheet of music that we are reading in front of us. We know our part well that is identified for us to play and have perfected how to play it with precision.

All of us come together in unity to play a great melody with the magnificent conductor who stands valiantly in front of us guiding us through to the end of it.

Divinely inspired, a heavenly sound is heard when we understand the complement we have in each other’s uniqueness.

Feature image by Maret Hosemann from Pixabay

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