Encourgement, God, Mental Health

Life is Like a Box of Choices

It is normal to feel frustrated with life. If life is getting you down, know that there is hope to find a way out of it. When I am feeling depressed, I ask myself why am I feeling this way and what can I do to not feel this way anymore?

Being Self Aware

Sometimes we are just having a bad day, but if our bad days are going on and on, then something has to be done about it. Whatever our journey is, it is about finding contentment in the journey. When we are not happy in our journey then it means we need to be more adventurous and seek out other places to go. There is something about ourselves or our environment that needs a change.

Depression can get the best of all of us, but it does not mean that it has won. Depression can be a good thing as it is also telling us we need to figure out what is causing the depression. Depression can make us think about what things we can do to not be depressed anymore. We don’t have to make giant changes right away. Just recognizing that something is not right and making a choice not to put up with it anymore is a huge step.

We are Created to be Fighters

Change does not happen overnight. A change does not mean going from here to way over there. Brushing your teeth in the morning may be something that took a lot of effort, but you can be proud of yourself for taking any small positive steps towards having a better day.

God wants us to be blessed! He has abundant blessings in store for us and He hates seeing us bogged down with unnecessary stress or to be stuck in our sadness.

God allows dark situations in our lives to challenge us to be proactive and to find solutions to get out of our misery. If we believe that God truly is almighty and powerful then how could we possibly put any limitations on the power He has over our lives?

When we are in that dark place it is about recognizing that we are there and then doing something about it… There is a light-switch somewhere in that room, you just need to believe it is there and then try to find it.

Understanding God is an Action

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

JAMES 1:22

It is not enough to just say “life sucks” and accept your dysfunction. Having faith in God means we believe that we have the strength to do something about it!

We are God’s children and like children, we are meant to grow and to grow we need to learn.

Learn from life’s challenges — Enjoy the ride!

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