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A PASSOVER STORY: How Good is God to Me?

And God said to them who never knew,
It shall be the first month of the year to you!
So let this be the beginning of your months to come,
As it is written: In seven days, My work is done,
Every man shall take a lamb for their home,
That is perfect, without blemish or broken bone,
To love and to play with it until that time has appeared,
Then you shall sacrifice it because I am revered.
You shall put the blood upon your doorposts,
And remove from your houses all yeast-hosts.
Through this time it shall be eaten no more,
To clean it out of your houses is your only chore.
You shall eat only bitter herbs and unleavened bread,
You shall eat the lamb, as the Lord God had said,
It is the Lord's Passover, which the blood is a sign,
For God to pass-over you will show your faith is divine.
Out of the Land of Egypt, He brought your armies out,
Be assured that you are not in bondage; have not a single doubt,
You have been passed-over and covered by the blood of the lamb,
By the strength and the love of the Lord's willing hand.
So, remember: He brought you out of this place,
To much abundance through His righteousness and grace!
Yet, when they were without food,
They did not trust that the Lord was good,
They grumbled and whined about their day,
But in the Lord's goodness, He led the way,
So, from heaven it rained down bread,
And then they were completely fed.
A certain quota was gathered each day,
Since the Lord tests to show if we trust His every way...
And when they were without drink they began to thirst,
They did not trust in putting God first,
They grumbled and whined about their day,
But in the Lord's goodness He led the way,
And from the rock came water galore,
So then they did not thirst anymore.
Then, on that day when a certain man come,
All that God said was revealed and done.
On the first, until the last day was a lamb,
Who lived with them until his time was at hand.
He and his disciples; here in our house,
Keeping Passover amid the chaos,
With the unleavened bread, he had in his hand,
Stating; "Eat, my body," for all along it's been planned...
Taking the wine; giving thanks when he said,
"Drink, my blood" a pass-over of sin I must shed.
In you is God's covenant born new from the Lord!
This is your beginning of months that is now restored.
Therefore purge out the old leaven from your entire being,
And understand that your new-life is what is worth seeing!
For indeed, Messiah has risen for the dead!
Filling us with water and His Word, our daily bread!
This lamb was sacrificed, so let us keep the feast every day,
Not with old leaven or with the leaven of sin that keeps us astray,
But with the unleavened bread of sincerity,
It's truth that surpasses all clarity.


BLOOD globally represents life itself, as the element of divine life that functions within the human body.

University of Michigan

Retrieved from archives dated April 18, 2010

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