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Dance Me to the End of Love

Can you see the reflection?

God is revealed spiritually through the physical. Here is an example: A rainbow is a scientific phenomenon made of both light and water. The beauty of a rainbow is revealed through a multicoloured spectrum of light. Objects like a rainbow are in the world NOT for us to take for granted, but for us to understand that God put them there. Such things as a rainbow can suggest a deeper part of who we are since we know that God is light. Perhaps the uniqueness of the people of God can be compared to the varieties of different colours that form together beautifully in a rainbow. All these colours when combined turn to pure, white light.

Similarly, I believe God wants us to understand the complement between a man and a woman. God created a man and a woman together to be in the image of Him, but the man and the woman are very uniquely, different.

As individuals, our relationship begins with God. When we look into a mirror, we know the image is us, but we also know we are looking at an opposite image. We need to identify to our spiritual selves to understand how to love ourselves. When we learn who God is we are learning what love is since God is love.

The journey of learning love extends to our relationships. Love is learned when balance is found through the married couple who are in love.

Learning love is a dance

God is absolute love, which is learned through devotion, commitment, sacrifice, forgiveness and lots of hard work. True love is found in a marriage that has found balance within the struggles to learn how to love and respect one another, despite whatever challenges life put them through. The man and the woman in love understand the complement they are to one another because of their unique identities. In the end, they discover a deep love for one another; being balanced in their understanding they become one person.

A history of time

A history of time is behind us and Adam and Eve have populated the earth. Two identities remain standing together at the end of all days — The man and the woman who strive to understand how to love one another despite their differences and challenges.

The man and the woman

The Jew and Gentile relationship can be compared to the man’s and the woman’s struggle to identify with each other. We, having all unique, diverse, journeys are trying to find balance with one another, so we can finally live in peace with each other.

The Jew and the Gentile

The spiritual battle has always been between ourselves and God, the man and the woman, and the Jew and the Gentile, therefore, it is important to understand who we are:

  1. Through our personal identity with God
  2. Through our identity as a man or a woman
  3. Through our identity as a Jew or a Gentile.

In God’s perfect plan, we are all very different. The depth of all our differences are very intricate and unique; however, in understanding the truth of who we are, a deep-rooted compliment would be realized.

The struggle and challenge runs deep between the Jew and the Gentile. There is much work to be done to discover the real truth about our relationships to achieve peace in this world.

Evil is another party to this mystery, which is the choice that people are free to choose. Evil will be dealt with when the Jew and Gentile finally discover who they are and how they complement one another — We need to learn how to dance in sync with one another to combat the spiritual conflict in the world.

Dance me to the end of love

History has been a romantic dance. We are at the end of our days now and are very old. We know the dance well and have been through so much together.

We discover we are completely in love with one another and have become one in each other like a married couple.

It is the truest, romantic, love story that has a happiest, never ending…

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