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The Broken Hallelujah

You may be frustrated with life because you want to do the right thing, but it seems that the world does not care or that it is always out to get you. You try to understand love as you feel it in your soul, but you are having a hard time to connect or see the love any more. Despite your angst, your sweet song of hope continues to play since it is deeply embedded in your heart. Although your surroundings tell you differently you continue to believe with every fiber in your being that love truly does exist. You want to be understood. You want to be loved — But you struggle to keep on singing that song.

You only want what is good and right, but you do not know how to identify to it. You are a giver with no place to give; you are a seeker trying to discover faith in yourself. Through your distress, you develop your passionate tale of woe and ache. In your skewed perception to do what feels right, you do not understand why you failed — you are baffled by your own demise.

Through ignorance, oppression consumes you. Darkness knows that you are now at your most vulnerable spot, and like a snake, he comes to you to claim his prize. Falling for temptation revealed consequence to you, in turn, it stole your song away.

Now broken, you reflect on a life that has been hard on you, seemingly taking away all of your passions. You are exhausted and have little energy to go on. Your hope in love is beginning to fade away. You struggle to understand what life is trying to show you.

Nowhere to go, you are on your knees now and religion has you questioning, who is God and what does all this mean? Is God real, and why has he caused me so much pain? — You ponder if there is a difference between a religious or broken hallelujah?

You did your best, you can’t figure out what more you can do. You couldn’t connect to God because you did not identify with God in you. Instead, you only knew the physicality of the world — this is your real that you know to touch, see and smell so well. In your humble understandings, the story of your journey is all you have left to tell — No point in trying to hide anything anymore.

Even though your life is a mess of ups and downs, you confess your heart that has learned a hard lesson as you look back on your life now and realize the meaning of your own words… The story of your song, there all along, reveals the mystery of divine love expressed in a broken hallelujah!


Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

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