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Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven

I use to wonder about the Lord’s prayer, and I asked myself how does the Kingdom of God come to Earth as it is in heaven anyway? Amid the chaos, how will it be that heaven can possibly come to be here on Earth?

I kinda gave up on understanding God for awhile since statements like this just did not make any sense to me. Was God’s finger going to physically come down from the sky and force everything to just be perfect? — Because things here on Earth are needing some pretty serious change!

But now I realize…

The Kingdom of God is in each of us. Since God created all of us, a piece of Him resides deep within us. Our job is to find it!

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

God is and has always been here, it is just that we have not noticed Him. God is all things good, so we just have to ask ourselves what is good and make it a reality in our world. We have to learn who God is.

When we learn who God is than we can be like how God is and that is when His Kingdom will be on Earth as it is in heaven.


Image by John Hain from Pixabay

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