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Don't You Worry Child — Heaven has a Plan for You!

We are like children. When we are young we rely on the guidance of our parents. We depend on their direction with everything we do.

God wants us to understand that our relationship with Him is exactly like the relationship we have with our parents. When we are older we don’t need the guidance of our parents as much since now we are more independent and have learned.

What have we learned?

We have learned the difference between bad and good.

In the garden, God gave Adam and Eve life. He promised them eternal life with Him free from pain, anger, insecurity, fears, violence and all things bad. He promised us a perfect life free from anything negative and that we will only experience love.


Then man made a choice to understand everything that God understands by eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This meant that humanity had to learn what God understood. This meant that man would have to make a choice of choosing good over bad and learn what the difference is.

So, we are like children, here on earth, learning like our children, and our children of our past parents and their past children — All of us had a learning experience and we can learn from our past mistakes.

When our parent tells us not to touch the stove with a tone in their voice that means “Don’t touch the stove, it is hot!” a child naturally does not touch the stove, trusting what his parent is saying that the stove is hot and it will hurt him if he touches it. Sometimes the child is rebellious and the child touches the stove anyway. In either scenario, the child learned that the stove is actually hot and when he touches it, he will be hurt.

We learn from our mistakes and we learn by trusting our parents teaching us right from wrong. We have the same relationship with God. God is our parent, just the same, and loves us unconditionally; wanting us to only love Him back by us trusting that He knows best.

We are all like children who come to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong when we are adults. As long as we choose good over bad we are always choosing to be with God – all we can do is want to be good like God. We make mistakes and fail all the time, but God knows we are good children and we just need a little encouragement; we will get there eventually.

Some of us are younger and some of us are older. Some understand good and bad very well and are a very good influence to our younger siblings.

We have a history since the beginning of time; history began to reveal experiences of good and bad to learn from. We learn from our mistakes and want to choose good. Since we are older now — we really should know better by understanding to choose what is good all the time rather than choose what is bad.


Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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