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We Are One is going through the final design stage. It has all come together, both very slowly and very fast. I started writing this book over twenty years ago, not realizing that it would all come together in a book with a relevant point that everyone can relate to.

This year has been a huge year of change. A lot of things that I have wanted to happen for a long time finally happened. I didn’t even know what things had to change, I just knew there was something that had to happen — I knew, there was something I had to do.

Looking back on this year, I have gone through a very traumatic break-up and that relationship had its share of huge, deep and dark spiritual battles. When God is trying to show us something, there is no extent to how far God will take it for us to finally get the message.

I see now that this year was a year of answers. This year helped me come to terms with myself and who I am and what I am supposed to do. I started writing — like crazy, and along with other things that I had written since I was twenty-five, I quickly threw them all together and sent it off to a publisher.

I wanted to get it all done just before my trip to Spain, so it was all thrown together in about three months.

My trip to Spain was also full of tons of learning. I had connected with the family on my father’s side that I didn’t know and hadn’t seen since I was just a child.

When I came back from Spain, I had a reality check. I started to realize that I was about to display my whole personal life out to the world — my biggest fear and I was about to just casually let it all go for the world to see.

Now realizing the extent of what a book could mean, I started getting very insecure about letting go of all these thoughts that I was about to release to the world — I ended up calling the publisher and I put a hold on everything. After spending a lot of money and investing a lot of effort into the book, I was starting to question myself and question if I should even publish it now.

That’s when I took another second, hard look at everything and that is when I realized the book was not about me. I realized that the book wasn’t even for me. We Are One is the thing that I needed to say, but it is something we all need to hear — Even as I re-edited and re-edited it, it spoke to me.

I am hoping it will speak to you too.

We are One is is a thought-provoking book that will challenge you to understand a deeper part of yourself. In this book, I reveal my intimate battle with fear and how I overcame it to now give hope to you. We Are One will take you on a journey from darkness to light while encouraging you to understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is a book that I am sure will change the way you look at yourself, others, and the world.


    1. Hi Jason, thanks! and yes, it has been, not only just fighting spiritual battles, but even the book had its own challenges to put together. I am done now though and am told I should have copies in about 3-5 weeks. I will be doing a giveaway on Goodreads that I will also be advertising here as well. I hope you will find yourself a copy!

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