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Physical Versus Spiritual: WITH FIRST TIME VIDEO

We are very connected to our physical selves. We know we are real because we can see that we are real. We can feel, touch and smell. I know my hands are real, my feet are real — I have a head and I have hair. All these things are real, right?

Well, I am going to tell you the biggest LIE around yet! Our physical body is not the real thing! It is real for now, but soon, very sadly, it will die and then off to dust it goes…

The REAL investment is in our spiritual self because with God there is no death, but what is our spiritual true self?

For every action; there is an equal and opposite reaction — Newton’s Third Law

There is the physical world that we can see and know well, but there is also an equal and opposite spiritual world that we need to be aware of and understand.

We know God’s truths, so I suggest you write them down on a piece of paper. God is love, He is true love; therefore, on the left side of the paper begin to write down all of the truths that you are aware of that resemble the truth of love, such as, kindness, patience, humility, faithfulness…

I started a list for you to see:















Now, continue your list by writing down all of the things that are completely opposite to the truths you wrote down on the left side of the paper on the right side of the paper.

When you are done, you will see that on the right side of the paper are all the things you are fighting NOT to be during your day, while on the left side of the paper are all the truths that you need to apply to yourself throughout your day.

Some of the harder truths that may be difficult for you to apply to yourself could be such things as forgiveness, thankfulness, and being not being judgmental. These have been difficult for me.

If we continue to hold onto bitterness, being critical of one another or not appreciating God or goodness in anyone else than we will hinder our ability to see and understand God and see God in each other to feel the love of God in our own lives.

We are created to be in the image of God. The image of God is the spiritual truths that you know that are on the left side of the paper that are what you strive to be — We are like children; we make mistakes, we fall, but we get back up again and try, try, again until God’s truth is something that just becomes who we are and we don’t even think about it anymore. That is when we just know who we are and we realize that God is real.

Emunah Nation is a group of amazing people like you from around the world who are seeking the truth

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