New Beginnings

Shana Tova!

As we approach Rosh Hashanah, here is a thought for you to take into the new year.

The Jews are God’s chosen and will always be God’s chosen. I believe the full identity of Jesus is lost to the world because his current identity is part Jew with adopted paganistic beliefs.

Jesus was hard on the Jewish religious leaders during his time. Jesus had to be since it was important for them to represent God the Father correctly by having a heart to do good and not have just an outward physical appearance of a person who claims to be good. At the time of Jesus, we all were not ready for understanding what good meant — I believe this is the ongoing religious struggle for both Jews and Gentiles.

I feel that at the time Christianity was born, two identities were also born. Jesus the son in the Gentile and God the Father in the Jew. Similarly, this type of relationship can also be seen in the relationship of the man and woman — from the beginning; through all our struggles, eventually we become equals, and we understand the depth of Divine love and the compliment we have for one another.

We are a perfect balance to one another — We are One

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