When your inner voice haunts you saying, “You are too small to make a difference in this world.” Fire back at that voice with confidence telling it that it is wrong because it is not your true voice.

You might question things you want to do thinking you will fail, or will be judged or whatever other fears you might have when you want to make a change to your life and the outcome is uncertain.

Our own power is weak. It is full of fears and insecurities that stop us from thinking we can accomplish things and make changes to ourselves, to help ourselves, to help other people and to help the world.

We have to believe in our true-selves since our true-self has power. It has the powerful seed of God that resides in each and everyone of us. If we water that seed-part of us and tend to it, it will grow into the largest, strongest tree in the garden — We just have to believe that it is there and believe in it!

The world will always challenge God and God’s goodness, but we need to stand strong in our convictions. God is not a bad thing. God is only good.

I am making my contribution and I will continue to stand strong in my convictions, even when not everyone will stand with me. I am afraid, but I am not letting that stop me…


Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. I stand with you my friend. Yes, insecurities, doubts often plague my mind for many reasons, however, it’s the season to stand up and say no more, I will trust in God & let Him leads me where He wants me to go. Great words!

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