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The Sixth Day

The Human

In the beginning was Adam and Eve who were created in the image of God. God also created two trees. He created the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It is my believe the trees are reflected in the identity of Adam and Eve. I will explain… In the garden before sin entered, all that was known was God. The relationship Adam and Eve had with God was trust. They did not understand what God understood, yet they lived in harmony with Him. They also had eternal life. The trust they had was like a child with a parent.

God made Adam and Eve on the sixth day. On the seventh day God rested. Everything was complete, and perfect on the seventh day — a day to rest. The seventh day can also be considered a wedding day because it is like the marriage of man and woman and the life-long commitment to loving one another. On the seventh day there will be a wedding day, where man-kind will meet with God and be eternally with Him in heaven. The Bible is read like a poem with historical references. It cannot be defined completely in a linear, non-metaphorical perspective way to reveal the layers of knowledge to be found.

On the sixth day Adam and Eve were born. There was one rule for them and that was to not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil because then they would die. Eve was convinced though by the serpent that if you eat the fruit of the tree, they wouldn’t die, but would know both good and evil.

It was the sixth day and Adam and Eve ate the fruit and died (but not immediately). Adam and Eve had brought sin into the world, and it would take a history of time for us to discover what sin is, and thereby knowing what is evil. When we know what is evil than we can know what is good — then we will have the knowledge of good and evil as the serpent said. As God said we will die; death is something we never would have known had we just trusted God’s words in the very beginning.

We are still in the sixth day. With God there is no time – His world just is — it is perfect. God is I AM. In God’s graciousness he provided a way out for our sin, so that our spirits don’t die and we can still be with Him in the end.

I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me. John 14:6

We are still in the sixth day, which reveals a history of both good and evil. There is no time with God, and so there is no argument about how you know God. You just know that God is good and we are all a part of one another. We were all there since the very beginning.

We are coming up to that seventh day where we now know the difference between good and evil. When people finally identify with what is good, these people will overcome the evil – I believe it is already happening. Some people are doing amazing good things that are affecting a lot of people and our world. I believe that all of history had there really good people, who obviously connected to God, but because of the time in history it was more difficult for people to do the amazing things people wanted to do. Oppression has held us down with a heavy thumb. In our time now, I believe, because of technology, the internet, and freedom of expression more of us are able to do good things faster and more of it. We are not confined. We are worldwide. God is giving us the ability to finally bring Heaven here on Earth.

I see that, one day, we will be reunited with God like it was in the garden. This world will be restored back to how it was in the beginning, but it will be even more beautiful because of how all our great minds will come together. We will be married one day to our Creator, and I believe that day is near. Believe in the seventh day and not the sixth — the sixth day is a day of learning what is a lie.

— We have to believe in who we really are.

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