I have been busy getting my book together. It will be about unity and I hope everyone will be encouraged by it. I realize unity is the central theme to everything I talk about. I am very open minded, which I believe we all should be. We are all unique individuals, who are made in the image of God; therefore, we have a piece of God in each of us. We are all amazing people with great potential to do amazing things, the problem is that we believe the lies that life tells us instead of the amazing power of God, and so, we don’t believe in the amazing power in ourselves.

Not believing that we are a seed of God and have amazing potential is a problem to learning love. Things in the world are in such chaos right now because we are not believing, but I believe that as it takes someone to hit rock bottom for them to see the light, it also takes the world to hit rock bottom before it will see the light.

In the Bible, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount describes how God will bless them who struggle. When someone overcomes, anxiety, confusion, sadness, fear, and resistance from the world when they want to do good, they become stronger people because they are overcomers. They are the people who trust that they will not be brought down by the oppression of the world — they have faith that things will somehow find a way to get better, and they have hope that it will. They end up being the people who rise up from the darkness and see the light and learn that there is strength in the light because it is what is truth, good and God. They are the people who God has blessed and will use to express God because God has touched them intimately. These people know Him and are now a light.

If darkness has you pinned down, know there is a way out and be thankful for darkness because God wants you, and gave you these challenges because He wants you to trust in yourself because you are specially blessed by Him. He has something He wants you to know about yourself because there is something about you that is BIG for the world and you need to share it with the world — He wants you to be STRONGER!

Our physical bodies are capsules that hold our spirits captive. We are One being. We cannot be held captive any longer…

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