Father Time and Mother Earth

Another idea that I have is that God is both male and female. The reason why I believe this is because He said that male and female were made in the image of God. Therefore, God has to be understood as not being solely male, as traditionally may be thought, but as having both the characteristics of a man and a woman combined. This is where I believe the reflection begins.

No one is perfect. I don’t believe our journey it is about being perfect. I believe it is seeking what is perfect. We are like children that make mistakes. That is how we learn. We are God’s children and God talks about us in this way. There are many references telling us this throughout the Biblical texts. Therefore, God is Father and He is Mother. He is our Parent with both father and mother attributes making a whole One.

Our relationship with God is like our relationship with our parents. We love, respect, and want to obey and please them. God is our parents and we are His children. If we treat God in the same way as we do our parents, wanting to be good children, we are perfect in God’s eyes.


Image by Jonny Lindner

2 thoughts on “Father Time and Mother Earth”

    1. I have just felt that the dominance of the male figure in society and throughout history may have been influenced by this idea that God is only male giving less value to the importance of women.


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