Dance Me to the End of Love

Everything is about the reflection

God uses everything in the world to reveal the physical verses the spiritual. I will give you one example; the rainbow. The rainbow is a scientific phenomenon made of both light and water. There is a lot of depth to understand even in the reflection of how God refers to both light and water, but for this point, I will just mention, very simply, that the beauty of a rainbow is revealed in a multicoloured spectrum of light. Things like a rainbow are in the world for us not to take for granted, but to understand that there are reflections to be found in everything. Reflections reveal a deeper part of who we are.  The light, is God, and the people of God are represented in a multitude of colour that represent how each of us are a part of God, yet we are different (colour) or are unique in our own identities in God. All colours when combined turn to white light (pure).

I believe God wants us to understand the reflection between man and woman first. As man and woman, together, are in the image of God, the image of God is love. Man and woman are very different in their own identity. It is important that both man and woman understand their own individual identity with God, so they can understand the relationship they have with one another since in their reflection they complement one another. Through their struggles and life challenges, their devotion to one another reveals a deeper understanding of love, which is also learning what love is, which is God. It is all in the reflection.

Another point to think about is the relationship with people. Over a history of time we have fought about our differences. As a group, we are very similar to the relationship of a man and a woman that are trying to identify with each other. Everyone has their own unique, diverse journey and we are all trying to find a place where we can live in peace with one another.

In the end, the bigger picture of the point I am attempting to make, in my basic way of explaining my thought, is that it comes down to again another relationship; Jew and Gentile. If you are Biblically savvy, you will be aware of the many references relating to the Jew and Gentile. Jew is one group and Gentile is another to represent all of the other nations to include all other religions.

Therefore, where I am going with this thought, is that it is important to:

  1. Understand our identity from the very beginning; our personal relationship with God,
  2. Understand our identity with man versus woman,
  3. Understand our identity as a Jew versus Gentile.

In God’s perfect plan, we are all very different, and the depth of our differences are very intricate and unique, however, in understanding the truth of who we are, a deep-rooted compliment can be found.

The struggle and challenges between Jew and Gentile have been profoundly fierce. Similarly, to the relationship of the struggle and challenges in the relationship of man versus woman.

Our history of our lives have been like a dance; between ourselves and God, husband and wife, and between Jew and Gentile. At the end of our days, when we are old, we know how to dance; that is when we have achieved the understanding of how to love.

Dance Me to the End of Love

7 thoughts on “Dance Me to the End of Love”

      1. Hello Robert, I appreciate the feedback because we all have our way of thinking, I see that this may be a thought that you might not agree with, but I am not posting my thoughts to have a debate on who is right or who is wrong or to push my beliefs on anyone. This is a forum for us to express ourselves and identify with each other, if you do not like the way I think then maybe you should stop following me. This is just the way I see things. You have your blog to post the way you see things.


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