Everything is about the connection

I am finishing up my trip to Spain. It has been an experience that I did not expect to have such a profound effect on me. I have acquired new understanding of my family roots here. I have identified better with Spanish history, which may also explain some of the dark struggles that have extended themselves to my father and then to me. I have connected to a deeper part of me.

My life is about God as I believe there is a bigger picture to life. Although life for me is about Him, this means it is about me because I am part of Him; just as we all are a part of God and each have a portion of His identity within each other. Yet, in God’s perfect design, we are all different because we all have our unique, individual experiences that make up the physical and spiritual DNA’s we each have to share with one another that reveal a bigger understanding of who God is. 

Speaking of all people in history; we have made many mistakes. We have wronged each other because we did not know any better. We did not know our own identity and we did not know God. In all of history we have been trying to identify with Him. We identify by our relationships and in the struggles of our relationships and history tells this story of how it was and how we have learned. 

I believe that every connection was divinely placed there, some having things to learn from, and some having things to teach. Connections are there to enhance our character, to give us a better understanding of who we are. I think it is important not to take for granted of these connections. God 
places them in our lives as He walks with us in everything that we do ~ Everything was placed there by Him. 

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