Mental Health, Poetry, Thought-Provoking

The Storm

An uproar of madness,
Loitered sadness,
Emotions confining,
Confusion defining,
Paralyzing fear.

A wasted thought,
Happens a lot,
Nothing but time,
Pretending I'm fine,
Out of control.
Heart ache abode,
Manic episode,

Hating the feeling,
Nothing's appealing,
Giving up now.

On my knees,
Begging God please,
Waiting to end,
These scars please mend,
Is there hope?

Afraid to trust,
Know I must,
Like a dream,
Seems too extreme,
Can't see in front of me...

Here I am,
My little lamb,
Come walk with me,
Together we'll be,
Everything's just fine.

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