Encourgement, Faith, Poetry


Chilly was that cool winter air
That came to me without warning
Swept me of to an oblivion
Reaching a stillness both far and beyond
Undecided of either staying or leaving
It captured me there for awhile.
Like painted scenery, time sat still
It's dark colours said nothing to me that day.

A warm, safe place took on majestic imagery
As I sat and stared hard for a moment,
But cruel was the cold and its bitter touch
That kept me numb all over.
A tear had no place to shed,
And no one could hear my cry,
Just a shiver attempted to comfort me.
The darkness was determined to keep me
Claimed me there for the rest of the day

It was muddy, I trudged through it
Relieved to see life in my breath ahead of me
My breath was the haze that led me astray.
Losing hope for a ray of sunshine,
I prayed to see only one single ray
Ease my woe and passionate ache.
I savoured my prayer, a final thought,
If one could even imagine?
This is how I recall what happened that day.

In another moment I noticed something new,
Something clearly different
The sun started shinning brighter than ever before
In awe, I indulged its magnificent beauty
Awoken, a new world was all around me
Loveliness I could smell, touch, and see so well
Most of all, I understood the most wonderful thing
The most beautiful voice that kept saying
Come, follow me...
Then I realized it had been calling me that whole day

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