The Journey

Enjoying the journey in everything I do.

These past few days were exceptional as I completely lost myself in the tranquility of this adorable little Airbnb way off grid in the woods complete with wood stove, LED battery lighting, and no running water. The toilet just over yonder, no walls, just a view overlooking the middle of no where.

It was pouring rain since arriving. My best friend and I laughed our guts out all the way through the long grass and then through a barely roughed in trail that finally took us to the cabin. For a bit there we had no idea if we were going to get lost in the woods. We were looking for a blue arrow, but could not find it for the life of us. Eventually we found the cabin without the guidance of the arrow, both soaked right through to our skin and dumping water out of our rubber boots. After changing into some dry clothes, and warming up to a cozy wood stove fire we enjoyed our view as we nibbled on bits of cheese and crackers and sipped on homemade red wine that we brought with us. The rain lightened up and we could see the sun peaking through the trees from our dining room area.

This is was our stay for the next two nights, all lit up as the sun started to go down. Good company certainly made this trip even more special. Thank you God for Your abundant blessings, awesome friendships and good times xo

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