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To My Body

Power over the material world

To exist with God means to have power over the body. Our physical world. God gave us a physical body and a physical world so He can enjoy that world through us. Since God is all good He cannot be tempted. God cannot be good complete in a world that is created with both good and evil. He needs us to experience good and evil for Him. For God to be infinite, God created us because with us He is everything.

To My Body

My flesh, my body, to which I dwell,
Which brews upon me an evil spell.
Initiates a ploy in scheming fashion,
Exposes a cramp of opposing passion.
To what do I owe this enigma of displeasure?
At what cost shall I dare give it measure?
Commence forth battle that unites within.
A plea to the divine to overcome my sin.
To Him I confirm the depths of my heart,
In my flesh, in my body, till death do me part.

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