My Own Identity

Life has always been a challenge for me. I like the challenge, now. I realize, everything was for a reason. Life molds you. If you can embrace it, you can find freedom. Freedom from the pain of life.  

I have always been a curious person. I wanted to experience everything and enjoy it to its fullest.  I like to push limits as a lot of us do. I feel I must be worse then a four year old sometimes with so many questions, why?, why??…

I was and I am still seeking a comfortable place. Something that will make sense of a world that on one hand can seem so broken it makes you question, what is the point of it all?

My rebelliousness taught me lessons.  Some lessons were almost too hard for me to handle. I was not raised in a religious home.  My Mother would say she believed in God, but her actions never showed that she did. My Father always made fun of her for it.

I was 25 years old when my life seemed to meet at a crossroad. I was challenged by the biggest question I have ever questioned before. Is there God? Now, over 20 years later, I have comfortably answered my question, but I continue to always want to find out more. I like that about God. He truly is a plethora of never-ending suspense waiting to be discovered.

Sure, I did the church thing, but which church? and then the synagogue thing, but which synagogue? I learned a lot from all that. Every place had something to tell me about Him. My new dilemma was, what is my purpose? If God is so all powerful and great, than should I not also be able to be? Only for the sake of His Name would it be my only desire to bring heaven here on earth by using the greatest of whatever my abilities are, that I am bounded by, to give glory to His Name.

God use me!

I have nothing better to do!

I want to know You. You are more than a book. You are a story. I want to be part of Your story! I want to be Your People.

Be humble, selfless, and obedient. I will understand the love.

My journey continues and never ends…

I learned as much as I could before stepping into the church world.  I am my own person! What is religion anyway? Conform to God, YES!  Conform to man, NO!  I am my own identity! I learn from everything and everyone. I am cautious with religion, knowing the sins of man make it imperfect. Only God is perfect. I hear Him say;

“I am of all religions, I am the Lord, God, Almighty!”

Religion with all its religions is a people with all of its people. We are all special in God’s eyes. We all are equally an expression of Him, His heaven on earth. He uses our mistakes for His glory. We just need to start talking to one another, accepting one another for our individuality, and understand that we can learn something special from everyone. Not one is righteous… not one. Only together, will we be.

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