In The Beginning

My life has taken another turn. I played the game of chance and was given a choice. I chose to live for God. I tasted death, so intimate, that it haunted me for awhile. Only God knows where I have been. Only God heard and only God repaired. It was a candle that had a prayer written on the back of it that lit up my dark room. It said;

Oh! My Jesus, possessor of heavenly powers, splendour of the eternal Father, heed to my weakness and my needs, you are the greatest and most powerful of all born, and the joy of angels, listen to my prayer and grant my request, I trust in your heavenly power and in the knowledge that for you all this is possible. Jesus of the heavenly power pray for us. Amen!

Lost I was. In a sea of darkness, I pondered, could these words truly be?

We all need a starting point, and sometimes, we just have to start over by remembering who God is, and who is in control

I Realized…

There is no difference between death and darkness. Choosing God, is choosing light, and what is right for everyone, so that we all will see the light and not be lost in the dark anymore.

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