God Opportunities

What does God mean to someone who believes?  Since God is so complicated, does anyone really understand him anyway?

The essence of God is love, but what is love?

If we treat our best friend with love and affection, does this mean we love God?

We who love God are vessels of his love.  We are lights in a tainted world that inspire reflection of who is God.

I am convinced we are here to discern opportunity.

Opportunities are always all around us wherever we are and in whatever we are doing.  If we stop to recognize a God opportunity we are responding to God and hear him calling. We are actually being called to reveal to the world who is God.

We are putting God into action.

Take notice today.  Say a prayer.  Ask to be in tune to when God is asking you to respond to him.  Look for those opportunities and a lot of times they come when it is not good timing for you, but they might be the best opportunities yet.

Extend God to another person.

Knowing God does not have to be complicated.  We are an extension of God. There are many opportunities in a day that offer a ray of light to another person.

  • It may be as simple as a gentle smile to a stranger.
  • It may mean helping an elderly person or a child.
  • It may mean opening a door.
  • You may have an opportunity to just hear someone that needs you to listen.
  • A homeless man may just want you to know his name.
  • Someone may come to you randomly or it may not be that obvious.

Look around and take notice, take time, since we all need that light in you. Put God into action by passing God on today.


Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

3 thoughts on “God Opportunities”

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